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Regional Investor Assistance Centres

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regional investor assistance centres

The activities conducted by PAIiIZ are supported by a nationwide web of regional Investor Assistance Centres (IAC). The IAC’s were set up to work in close cooperation with the voivodship Marshals, that are responsible for the promotion of the voivodship and function mainly within the Marshals' offices and the agencies for regional development.


The IAC personnel operate according to the standards specified by PAIiIZ, they are trained by the Agency and have constant access to specific assistance from Agency staff. Each of the units has as their territory for operations, the voivodship’s area, in which they are based and keep an up to date data base on the voivodship’s economy. The centres also have a data base of contacts with the local authorities and business support institutions, that operate to develop the voivodship.

The main goal for the IAC operations is to ensure the complete service to the investors at a voivodship level. The centres cooperate with PAIiIZ on investment projects and provide an independent services to investors who report to them directly.


Regional Investor Assistance Centres