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Investment offers

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Investment offers from Poland



Offers from Poland - investments & cooperation

Investment / cooperation offer


Poleire Sp. z o.o. is a Polish-Irish company established In 2005 by Roy Coughlan. Main headquarters of the company is located in Cork, Ireland, and the Polish branch, which was opened in 2008, in Lodz, Graniczna 62 Str.We are real-estate agent, currently managing a number of projects and properties, we also invest in new projects. We are also an exclusive Agent for Poland of a world-known and valued real estate agent ATLAS INTERNATIONAL specializing in foreign properties!

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Poleire Sp. z o.o.
ul. Graniczna 62,93-428 Łódź, Polska
Tel/Fax: +48 42 6401048

Zakłady Azotowe Puławy S.A. Investment or cooperation offer

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Zakłady Azotowe Puławy

Al.Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 13, 24-110 Puławy, Poland

tel. +48 81 565 21 71

fax. +48 81 565 37 01





Płock Industrial and Technological Park presents an attractive offer for investors operating within the sector of modern business services, who are planning to set up and run a business process outsourcing centers (BPO centers), shared services centers (SSC centers), centers of excellence, or to provide services outside their mother countries. Investors from R&D sector, conducting mainly chemical oriented studies, can also benefit from our offer.

For more information click here.

Płock Industrial and Technological ParkPłock

ul. Zglenickiego 42, 09-411 Płock, Poland 

tel. +48 24 364 03 56

BUDREM - large developer from western Poland offers real estate for trading and industrial buildings, wind power stations and petrol stations. The plots are located in the cities with over 10.000 inhabitants per 0,5 hectare.

In addition, the company's capacity involves production of steel construction.

The company is looking for investors.

Budrem Development

Mr. Ryszard Kosowicz

62-800 Kalisz, Al. Wojska Polskiego 2a

mobile: +48 608313321


I am looking for an investor to patent and proceed with production of a device I have invented. The invention can be applied to: the protection of seashores from tsunamis, floods, as well as in engineering. The device is unique, environment-friendly and relatively cheep to produce.  


tel. +48 503633499

Investment offer of Ilawa commune - one of the most attractive investment plots in northern Poland.

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Wiesław Pieńczewski, Head of Department of the Economy with municipal property

tel. +48 89 649 01 60


For sale:

a large furniture and wood factory with running production.

Download investment offer.

Wes Wójcik

tel. +48 602695508


For sale: a real estate comprising of: Wood Processing Plant (doors and windows manufacturing) together with complete industrial infrastructure and buildings, owner's home, guest home, adjacent parcel with pond, forest, arable land etc.

Location: North - East of Poland, 250 km from Warsaw

Products: First class wooden doors and windows made acc. to EU Standards in force.
General info and preliminary contacts: 

Anatoliusz Inowolski

VENTURES Group, Technology Management  Company


Tel. +48 22 254-5057, +48 22 641-2938

Fax: +48 22 641-7282
Properties for sale - with spatial development for business: three land plots in the region of Great Poland of 24,31 ha, 54 ha, 28 ha, strategically located, in proximity to the main motorways. Michał Napierała

tel. +48 793 911 570


Production Plant for sale.

L&K company has been on the market since 1978. It specializes in plastic forming of metals. It has at its disposal the implemented technologies in terms of stamping, including deep drawing, punching, machining, heat sealing and welding.

The plant may be purchased together with the operating L&K company, which employs 25 people.

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ul. Kolejowa 3, Minkowice Olawskie, Poland

tel. +48 663 397 608


Polish Transportation Company PKS Rybnik is looking for investor. The company provides passengers transportation services in local, regional and long-distance transport. PKS operates mainly in the sub-region of south-western Silesia. The area is inhabited by about 1.2 million of people. The company also provides transportation services to the major cities of Silesia, as well as to all Polish major cities, such as Łódź, Kraków, Zakopane, Wrocław, Wałbrzych.

Download company's presentation.

PKS Rybnik 

44-200 Rybnik, ul. Jankowicka 7, Poland

tel. +48 32 42 214 76, ext. 27


Company’s attorney: Adam Wojtas, email:

Rental of luxury production/ social/ office/ sanitary complex of premises (2000-5000 m2) ready to set up production (‘at once’).

We offer:

1. professional administration to enterprise’s service

2. recruitment and employment of proper workers (management + manual technicians)

3. professional legal service by our Legal Office

4. the lowest costs of employment and running a company (taxes) in Poland and EU (25% of average  costs in EU) 5.great and meaningful involvement in the project   created6.perfect connection to the local administration and authorities

7. the factory has an easy transport access and is located near a railway station (200 metres)

for companies and investors, who are either planning to transfer their own production or are interested in a joint-venture project.
P.P. Infinity Group Sp. z o.o. ul. Pieniężnego 10, 11-200 Bartoszyce, Poland

Board Office
ul. Kollataja 23, 10-034 Olsztyn, Poland
tel. +48 89 522 91 20
fax +48 89 523 71 19


President of the City of Bialystok offers for sale in the oral public tender procedure an undeveloped plot, located in an area for housing and commercial development, with full availability of the technical infrastructure equipment, with immediate access to public roads.Detailed information about the offer can be found here.The City of Bialystok Agnieszka Marciszewska
tel. +48 85 869 60 53
SEA Development Baltic Plaza Hotel & Apartments The trade offer of the apartments in apart hotel Baltic Plaza in Kołobrzeg.Our offer is targeted at individuals, who value beauty, elegance and comfort. We offer the opportunity to buy a luxurious suite with shared ownership rights to the swimming pool and recreational complex in a four star hotel BalticPlaza**** . Hotel is located in west part of Kołobrzeg, at Wylotowa and Plazowa street, 350 meters from seashore and in the close neighborhood of European Ecological Landscape Nature 2000 Network. In the offer we guarantee spacious two room suites of 35-64 square meters, with kitchen annex and the balcony, furnished in highest standard and equipped in modern TV and internet installations. Suites will be ready for acceptance by the end of 2010.  SEA Development78-100 Kołobrzeg ul. Okopowa 10d/3
GSM: +48  603 765 208
tel.: + 48  71-36-017
tel.: + 48  71-36-018
fax: + 48  71-36-020
Technology Park KGHM LETIA provides high quality infrastructure and support facilities for innovative and knowledge based business development. We have established partnerships between industries, business service providers and universities/applied research institutes to guarantee access to relevant business services and technologies. The Park offers grounds for investment (29,50 ha) including infrastructure and access to high specialist media, as well as office space for lease (10,000 sqm). The land we offer has a favourable location from a logistics point of view. It is in close proximity to the A4 Motorway, 90 km to the German border, and 80 km to the Czech border.  KGHM  LETIA Legnicki Park Technologiczny
Magdalena Monteiro
59-220 Legnica, ul. Złotoryjska 194
tel.:+ 48- 76 747  54 40 
fax: +48-76 747 54 44
We are pleased to present "AKROPOS" - the innovative technology for recycling of plastic waste. The final product is the liquid fuel component or electric energy.  Akropos is implemented on a full technical scale. Our solution is one of ten most important environmental protection technologies for Europe, nominated in the fourth of  EEP Award- the Environmental lnnovation for Europe. Akropos
Włodzimierz  Stacholec
tel. +48-697710794 
Investment Projects Office offers variety of investment plots in Poland and investment services.AUTRON, Mariusz Massalski
tel.48-22-729-8-321, 822-56-99 
fax 48-22-739-88-43, 822-04-43 
mobile: +48-601356032, +48-605066381
The Suwalki Special Economic Zone (North Eastern Poland) consists of six marked-off areas in Suwalki, Elk, Goldap, Grajewo, Malkinia and Bialystok of total area 349 hectares, in which businessmen conduct their activities on preferential terms. The areas are prepared for business activities to begin, which is connected with a possibility of taking advantage of tax relief and preferences.SSSE S.A.
ul.Noniewicza 49, 16-400 Suwałki
tel/fax: +48 87 565 22 17
Attractive investment plot in Poland at the seaside with the own access to a lake Place: UNIESCIE, Mielno district, Western Pomerania Province.DOROTA PEKACKA
tel. +48 42 639-24-82
fax: 48 42 639-24-81
mobile: +48 501-084-086
The Żmigród Province offers the attractive plots located at the main road from Wrocław to Poznań.Prospective investors can expect minimum formalities and professional help from the authorities as well as simplified procedures, tax relief and detailed information.Burmistrz Gminy Żmigród
Plac Wojska Polskiego 2-3, 55-140 Żmigród
tel: +48-71-3853057
fax: +48-71-3853556
FOR SALE - palace near the Polish-Czech border.Jacek Pastwa
tel. +48 784 346 686
For sale - hotels, palaces, plots. Variety of offers.Holiday Consulting
ul. Nowowiejska 10, 00-653 Warszawa
mobile: 0048 601 341 246, 0 506 511 769
fax: 0048 (22) 210 06 20
Investment area Jelenia Gora-Komarno. This area is located close to Jelenia Gora. Directly to this village is connected bus communication. Area is formulated in land development plan as well as is provided for residential/ house - services buildings especially hotel-medicinal complex spa or private apartments. (sample of hotel enclosed). Total territory - 91 600 sq m located closed to asphalt road and excellent located next to scarp-foot of Kaczawskie mountains. Whole territory is rounded by Karkonosze Mountains. In straight line territory is located 2000m from international road E-65.More offers available.Agnieszka Kodz 
mobile: +48 668 228 250,
fax: +48 75 75 31190
Plant for resource recovery and waste treatment"Eco Recycling"Anlagen zur abfallbehandlungund wertstoffrückgewinnung OFFERUNIQUE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Sp. z o.o.
ul. Jana Liszyka 7, PL-64-915 Jastrowie
tel.: +48 67 266 32 41
fax: +48 67 266 27 48
INVESTMENT OFFER - KARLINO COMMUNEKarlino Commune is looking for contact with traders from abroad, to encourage them to invest in our district. We support and serve national and foreign investors, who create new jobs in industry and services. We create favorable conditions and advantageous atmosphere for potential investors and we also provide our professional assistance at every stage of locating an investment. In Karlino District functions Kostrzyn-Slubice Special Economic Zone (provides tax allowances and preferences).We also provide special relief and tax preferences, fully conform with EU regulations.More information here and

Karlino Town and District Office
Plac Jana Pawła II 6, 78-230 Karlino, POLAND
tel. +48  94 311 72 73
fax +48 94 311 74 10
e - mail: 

Waldemar Miśko - Mayor 

Property Management Departament
tel/fax: +48 94 311 35 09



Residential properties in Nowy Wilanów:- neighborhood of the Wilanów park and the palace complex- convenient transportation to the downtown Warsaw- proximity to the Konstancin spa and Kabaty Forest- green areas allowing rest and recreationOFFERWilanów Investments Ltd.
tel. +48-22-8856583, 87
Beautiful residential building plotOFFER
Jagiellonin Centre of InnovationLife Science Park Krakow offers possibility of investment and cooperation.presentation

Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation Ltd (JCI)
ul. Golebia 24, 31-007 Krakow
tel. +48-12-6646264, 2641264

fax: +48-12-6645398

We are looking for foreign companies interested in locate new factories or logistic services in Poland. We offer few interesting greenfields with a perfect locations with access to a national roads.Sir-Druk sp. Z o.o.
Mickiewicza 6, 98-200 Sieradz
tel/fax: +48-43-8220992
This information is aimed to interest a potential investor in the project realisation by a contribution of initial capital. The object of the company ZPOW "Roztocze" Sp. z o.o. is to erect a plant and to start the manufacture and sale of bagged and canned processed fruits and vegetables. The variety of products will be increased as the company develops. Zbigniew A.Kacprzyk
02-951 Warszawa, ul. Husarii 3
tel/fax: 022 651 8440
tel/fax: 022 885 7194
GSM: 0601 944 333 
Cooperation - SmartMedia has developed a suite of off-the-shelf IT products (ERP/ DSS/ CMS/ Internet space), systems integration projects (SOA), software applications like STOCK (designed for fixed assets stocktaking using bar codes) or SmartReactor (accounts receivable management and integrating all elements of dues controlling) etc. We also propose IT outsourcing and web design.
84 ha for sale in Kazuń NowyHalina Baudler
tel: +48-22-7220582
tel: +48-602733932
A Polish company Energolab Service Ltd. from Bialystok (north -east of Poland) operating in construction, energy and electricity field since 2003 is  looking for financial, technological and technical cooperation with some Israel companies in order to create a joint venture or act as main contractor in civil engineering projects. Our company could offer to a potential partner our engineer staff long experience.
Mrs. Dorota Kozlowska (French, Italian or English)
We offer warehouses and production halls in north-west of Poland for rent or sale.OFFERHenryk Andrzejewski (Polish, German)
tel. +48 602 768 151
Anna Andrzejewska (Polish, French, English),
tel. +48 606 165 95
Offers for investors
Different offers: investments, cooperation, trade
Regionalne Stowarzyszenie Wschód Zachód
09-402 Płock, 3-go Maja 16 p.25
tel. +48-24-3640899
FIRMS for sale
for strategic/financial investors
wide range of real estate and other projects
ul. Domaniewska 41A (budynek GALAXY)
02-672 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 874 58 00-11
fax. +48 22 874 58 01
Many projects for investors
- real estate - looking for investors
- sales of hotels and sanatoriums in Poland - looking for investors
- construction of 2 star hotel chain in Poland - looking for investors
- construction of an aluminium production plant based on a unique, cheap and simple technology - regaining aluminium from metal foil with the help of chemical process
- many other projects
Bogdan Gumkowski
Managing Director
Ul.Modrzewiowa 46, 05 506 Magdalenka
tel. 00 48 22 757 96 82
mobile: 00 48 660 49 63 99
Export slaughterhouse of beef
We are looking for prospective strategic investor for our client.
Krzysztof Lasiewicz, President of Forston Sp.z oo 
Przedsiębiorstwo Konsultingu i Finansowania Inwestycji w Energetyce
30-437 Krakow, Chojnicka 12
tel/fax: +48 12 262 2297
mobile: +48 505052923    
800 hectares of industrial building plots, commercial lots for sale - PoznańReal Estate Anna
Contact: Stefan Wieladek
Complex of real estate
in the area of Kudowa Zdroj - Jeleniow, only 3 km from the famous SPA Resort: including buildings, agricultural area and area for developing. 
Financial Office Worldwide
pl. Nowy Targ 28/10, 50-141 Wrocław
Luxurious apartments in Gdynia-Redłwo, "Rezydencja Husarska" Bauhaus Sp. Z o.o.
19 Tatrzańska St., 81-815 Sopot
Wide range of investment offers: real estate, housing, business, industryPU DUKAT Leszek Tomanek
tel. +48-75-7412073, 509130839
164-hectare investment plot in RadomskoMunicipality of Radomsko
97-500 Radomsko, 5 Tysiąclecia St.
tel. +48-44-685510
Lubin welcomes investors!Municipality of Lubin
59-300 Lubin, 10 Kilinskiego Str.
tel: +48-76-7468100
fax: +48-76-7468200
Hotel for sale!
Hotel Marengo_Kniaź, gastronomy, just five minutes from Gdynia!
Czesława Kniaziew
84-230 Rumia-Gdynia, ul. Wybickiego 2A-2B
tel. +48-58-6714619
fax: +48-586719519
Producer of pinewood furniture is looking for strategic investor.Stolmis-Meble, Piotr Misiowiec
tel: +48-502-620766,
We are looking for investor in cars LPG and CNG project. CAR-GAZ Sp. Z o.o.
62-020 Swarzędz, Łowęcińska 30 Str.
tel: +48-61-6514076
fax: +48-61-6514077
Logistic - production-centre Nasielsk Investment offer.Małgorzata Kasprzak
tel. +48-602-254585
Dariusz Górski
tel. +48-506-149300
Real estate investments in Poznań region - excellent for commercial or industrial projects.Stefan Wielądek
60-955 Poznań, POBox 53
tel: +48-61-8411810
fax: +48-61-8488155
Plastic foil and other plastic products recycling. We are looking for investor!Advanced Recycling Technology Sp. Z o.o.
37 Zloczewska St., 98-260 Burzenin
fax: +48-42-6142697
Industrial Park situated in Pomerania Special Economic Zone is looking for investors.
ZF "Polfarma" SA
Ul. Pelpińska 19, 83-200 Starogard Gdański
Tel: +48-58-5631600, fax: +48-58-5622353
Our Client, a countrywide distributor of construction materials is looking for an investor. Management Focus is active in merger&acquisition transactions and may find suitable targets in any other business line as well.Management Focus Sp. Z o.o.,
Andrzej Wyród, President
Ul. KEN 94/17, 02-722 Warszawa
tel/fax. +48-22-4484152, 4484153
Transportation firm is looking for investor.Agrotex SA
99-100 Łęczyca, ul. Górnicza 4
tel. +48-24-7218444
We are looking for partner/investor: wood industry, sawmill, transportationPAL-POL Sp. Z o.o.
Firm for saleSkoczowska Fabryka Kapeluszy
(Cap Enterprise in Skoczów)
The Holiday Village of the BaltsRyszard Kosowicz
tel. +48-608-313321
Investment offer - Krakow Technology ParkKrakowski Park Technologiczny Sp. z o.o.
Real estate - hotel
tel. +48 58 3015761
Fully equipped industrial lotIndustrial Park Bukowice

Investment - leather haberdasheryPema Sp. z o.o. 


Poznan_Car parks_investment offer
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Conductor rails UNILIFT-UCR

Conductor rails UNILIFT-UCR complies with applicable standards and regulations, is safe and relia...
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Conductor rails UNILIFT-UCR

Conductor rails UNILIFT-UCR complies with applicable standards and regulations, is safe and relia...
Polska - Bydgoszcz 2021-04-29 Added:Anna Jaracz Machines and devices See offer

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