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Simex Sp. z o.o.
80-556 Gdańsk (miasto),
ul. Wielopole 11 ,
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Agnieszka Horeczy

The MultiCon line includes advanced controllers and recorders with great potential closed in small casings. MultiCon has been specifically designed for advanced applications in industrial automatic control engineering. It does not mean, however, that the device cannot be applied in smaller systems. MultiCon can be equipped with three isolated RS-485 interfaces which make it a perfect solution for distributed systems to work as CPU. Thanks to Ethernet interface the device can be monitored via the Internet. A wide range of input and output modules allows to customize MultiCon precisely as the customer requires it. Thanks to a colour touchscreen working with the user interface becomes a pleasure, while MultiCon operation playing the role of HMI is intuitive and comfortable. Our devices are LINUX-based products to ensure stable operation.


  • Electronic equipment


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