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Assistance - offers from Poland

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Assistance - offers from Poland


Offers from Poland - assistance


Assistance / areas of cooperation Contact

DANSKsoft is a Software House providing IT solutions with passion and

dedication, supporting achievement of customers’ business goals all over the

world. We are experts in production and implementation of complex IT projects based on our own innovative solutions and dedicated IT systems.

We produce dedicated systems for manufacturing, power supply, telco, financial, and contracting businesses. The DANSKsoft Team’s experience lets us build any dedicated system from the ground up. We conduct the entire production process, from concept work to delivery and deployment. Each project is preceded by a detailed analysis of the Client’s needs and establishing the terms of cooperation.

The aim of each project is to implement a system that covers all the business

needs of our Clients. We offer:

- Dedicated systems

- Implementation of systems

- Outsourcing IT

- Consulting IT


Tomasz Szczesny

Business Development Director

phone: +48 605 824 812


DANSKsoft Sp. z o.o.

ul. Lęborska 3b, 80-386 Gdańsk

Download company's catalog_


MDT MEDICAL is experienced in medical care, IT systems and technological solutions in fields of e-health, telemedicine and telecare, applicable in the treatment, prevention and care for ill and dependent persons, at home and in specialized medical and nursing centers

MDT Medical

Ul. Pokorna 2 lok. U2,00-199 Warszawa, Poland

Tel: +48 85 874 23 50


We are a trading company, which specialises in wholesaling of Polish lingerie on the markets worldwide.

The quality of Polish production, its modern design, originality and style have all already received approved recognition among many national customers. We believe that – with our share – Polish lingerie will will take place in the foreign portfolios and reach wide range of customers globally.



VadeMecum Consulting

ul. Towarowa 8a lok.212, 15-007 Białystok, Poland

tel: + 48 665 860 403


Profitto Polska is a company with great potential and huge possibilities which correspond to the expectation of Customers. Our company is engaged in international trade with customers mainly from Europe.

We are constantly expanding our market reach and looking for new business opportunities around the Europe and Asia. 

In our offer we have  biscuits, hand-made lollipops, wafers, pralines and various chocolate products. We have also offer of Frozen Bakery Goods (berliners, donuts, croissants etc.) In our offer there are also 100% natural Juices: without sugars, colorings, preservatives and not from concentrate.


To get to know more details please visit our website:


Our dynamic development allows us to serve wholesalers and our products are well accepted on foreign markets.

Profitto Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Marcelińska 98C/166, 60-324 Poznań,Poland




Marta Książkiewicz

mob. (+48) 505 699 297

email :

In DTS Pleasent Removals we are passionate and committed, a team of professionals always ready to take on biggest challenges, and with some of the most demanding projects of the trade under the belt. Our company completes over 200 international relocations a year. We have a variety of clients ranging from individual persons to large corporations. Many embassies like working with us. Our mantra is Quality, Safety and Professionalism.

We want our brand and international relocation services to be a moving experience associated with positive emotions only. Our ultimate goal is to make the actual moving less troublesome than the Client would originally conceive.

Many scholars agree that on the stress scale moving scores as the 3rd most stressful event in human life. We took this to heart. And decided to act, because we know that any relocation can be really stressful, and moving to another country just weigh on you even more. What sets us each day in motion is belief that moving to a new place does not have to be associated with stress, insecurity and worry for one’s valuable possessions. This is why we listen carefully to what our Clients have to say and try to adapt to their needs.

DTS Przyjemne Przeprowadzki Sp. z o. o.

ul.Światowa 22, 02-229 Warszawa, Poland

Tel: +48 (22) 100 3000  

 Fax: +48 (22) 100 30 39 

email: :

SourceOne Advisory is a company specializing in consultancy in the field of development of shared services and business process outsourcing type centers, sourcing strategies and procurement outsourcing.

Based on our experience and resources we can support you in all activities related to the development of shared services and business process outsourcing type centers in Poland:

managing the whole project of new BPO/SSC center opening,

providing reliable up-to-date market information,

communications with local and central public administration bodies,

selecting the best location and negotiating the agreement for office space,

establishing the new company in Poland with law firm support,

managing the personnel recruitment process with best HR partners,

office fit-out – project, agreement negotiation and delivery monitoring,

IT systems and equipment delivery & implementation (possible infrastructure-as-a-service business model with no up-front investment),

managing the communication plan on the market with renowned media partners and industry influencers.


Download company's catalogue.

SourceOne Advisory

ul. Domaniewska 39A, 02-672 Warszawa, Poland

tel: +48 607 499 048



GIS analysis/Exploration consulting/up-hole, LVL and PPV low velocity measurement, gpr, geochemical and geoelectrical survey, gravimetry, environmental spatial analysis, water, air and soil pollution analysis, noise analysis, support for linear development projects as well as network and power-system investments

Download company's catalogue.


Starotorunska Street 5, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland

tel: + 48 790 793 035



The Law Firm of the attorney Oxana Piątkowska provides professional legal assistance to individual customers and businesses, both in the  territory The Law Firm of the attorney Oxana Piątkowska provides professional legal assistance to individual customers and businesses, both in the  territory of Poland, EU and former Soviet Union. The company offers its   services in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and English.   of Poland, EU and former Soviet Union. The company offers its   services in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and English. 

The law firm Attorney Oxana Piątkowska

Krakowskie Przedmieśćie Street 41, Warszawa, Poland

tel: +48 (22) 465 17 17

fax: +48 (22) 244 26 37




Company registration in Poland (also limited liability companies); registration of branch and representation offices in Poland. Tax advice, legal and accounting services. We provide client service in
Russian, Polish and English.


tel:  +48 600-878-378;

tel./fax :48 22 813-52-87

email: :




Our mission is to provide professional and comprehensive management, internationalization and investment services. Currently, our company has two divisions:



Our main branches of activity:

Comprehensive Internationalization Process;

Change and restructuring management;

Cost management;

Strategic management;

Process management;

Investment projects.

More details you will find on:

KonsultingGroup International

E. Plater Street 31/33/28, 91-756 Łódź, Poland

tel: + 48 668 417 448


KR Group provide comprehensive outsourcing services in book- keeping, VAT compliance, tax calculations, HR and payroll, as well as in management accounting to foreign investors in Poland.  We offer:

A flexible accounting system with on-line access

Our own team of tax advisors and legal advisors

Management reporting for the discerning

Comprehensive tax advice

VAT compliance and fiscal representation

Immigration service (legalization of stay and employment)

Audit  and  tax training

Download company's 1catalogue.



KR Group

Owsiana12, 03-825 Warsaw,Poland

Contact : Monika Olczak- Kiepiela

Tel:  +48 22 2628185

Fax: +48 22 6161338


We are a consulting company helping foreign businesses achieve a competitive advantage on the Polish market. Our consultants specialize in delivering customized solutions that exactly fit our clients' needs. What can you expect of us? No matter what phase of expansion to Poland you are in, we will assist you in your business venture. 

Sample services:
Business in Poland -> We can help you make an entrance to the Polish market or start getting ahead of competion
Marketing Strategy -> A complex and comprehensive marketing strategy is the key to success
Operations Optimization -> Costs eating up your profits? We will reengineer your processes to cut them

To learn about our full range of services please visit our website:

GL Partners
tel.: +48 609 542 547

We provide legal assistance to both individual and institutional clients (companies, foundations, associations and entrepreneurs). To our specializations belongs Alternative Dispute Resolution in civil, commercial and family law. Furthermore, we undertake cross-border legal issues concerning commercial and family law. We provide legal service in English, German and Polish.

Download company's business profile.

Paszowski & Partners Law Firm Limited Partnership

Magdalena Lipinska

Ks. Witolda 49/4,50-202 Wrocław,Poland

tel:+ 48 71 367 11 79

fax: + 48 71 367 11 17


The purpose of the Consortium is to develop practical solutions for guaranteeing the growth of safety in domestic and international business transactions, in the first place addressed to a group of small and medium-sized companies, which are particularly exposed to danger.

Main task of the Consortium is to prevent the formation  of economic crime, consisting in the identification and elimination of causative factors.  This activity allows entrepreneurs to quickly identify risks and their effective removal.  Non-operational approach to combating organized crime in economy is also one of the priorities pursued within the European Union and for the exchange of international experience in this field.


International Consortium The Platform of Economic Security
Al. Mireckiego 22 / 25, 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland
tel: + 48 32 7072038, 7072037

mob: + 48 509274415


MeMo Consulting - service for foreign investors and exporters in Upper Silesia - the most attractive business destination in Poland

Download company's catalogue.


MeMo Consulting

tel.: +48 601 644 822


MC Group is a consulting company one of a kind. We assist foreign Clients in all matters relating to Poland, especially taking into account business matters. Our primary objective is to satisfy all needs of our Clients by providing them with professional, reliable and complex services, among other things:

incorporation of companies and businesses, finding investment locations, providing assistance in property acquisitions, providing assistance in the purchase of movable property and other assets, maintaining accounting systems, advice in accounting matters, legal & tax advice, finding employees, finding business partners.

MC Group Aleja Bzów 45/2, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland tel.: +48 22 30-099-21 fax: +48 22 30-080-59e-mail:
Silk Road is a Polish consulting company that specializes in export development services. To our foreign partners we offer wide range of polish producers and service companies, who would like to find partners abroad. We can also be a representative of foreign company in Poland and start here the business for you.

Our services are: traditional trade represantation, marketing in foreign languages (design and delivery of catalogues, internet advertisement), promotion, translations, establishing new contacts, representation on fairs, negotiation of contracts.


Silk Road - Export Development

Piotr Wawrzyński


mobile + 48 600 661 411

skype: pwawrzynski

Ewa Gajownik


mobile: +48 500 566 229

skype: ewagajownik

| t legal is a Polish law firm offering to Israeli clients the highest standards of service, competence in our clients’ fields of business and confidence.  The lawyers associated with | t legal offer professional legal and tax advice as well as tailored business and personal solutions. All our advisors have vast experience, which makes it possible to provide our clients with completely safe and balanced legal and tax advice.

Download company's catalogue.

t legal
ul. Piątkowska 116/B3, 60-649 Poznań, Poland 

tel1. +48 61 67.10.800

tel2. +48 (61 82.34.262 (direct)

fax1. +48 61 62.47.907

fax2. +48 61 67.12.132

mobile: +48 606.698.685

Our services:
Trade: market research, commercial representation.
Real estate: evaluations, negotiations, commercialization of real estate projects.
Management: business consulting, project management, advising to boards of foreign companies and expat executives on doing business in Poland

Download company's business profile.
Market Expertise & Consulting
Poland & CEE
Al. Katowicka 62/B-31, 05-830 Nadarzyn, Warsaw, Poland
tel. +48 601 22 12 72
fax: +48 22 213 93 02
We offer comprehensive legal services in Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian and German. Our experts hold long-time experience in the real estate, corporate and capital markets, gained while working on numerous investment projects worth millions EUR, completed in Poland and abroad. Nobilis Counsels
Kot Gladysz Grocholski sp.k

13/148 Krakowskie Przedmiescie
Hotel Europejski
00-071Warsaw , Poland

tel: + 48 22 826 05 00
fax: + 48 22 826 02 66

Regional Service Centre for Investors as partner to Polish Information and Foreign Investments Agency, supports, stimulates influx, active acquisition and professional services for foreign investors, offers services in advice and preparation of business plans and applications for grants-in-aid for projects financed from the EU funds. Business support institution for SMEs.

Dolnośląska Agencja Współpracy Gospodarczej Sp. Z.o.o.

tel. +48 -71 343 42 34

fax. +48 - 71 344 02 85

ul. Kuźnicza 10

50-138 Wrocław


CECA is born of the belief that many promising new business opportunities exist in the reemerging markets of central and eastern Europe.

Our role is to create and implement solutions for those that would successfully compete in these markets.

With its in-region presence, CECA is able to assess both Risks and Opportunities on your behalf.

Ideally positioned and with requisite resources to bring you up to speed on the region, and develop and implement a successful entry strategy.

Central Europe Corporate Advisors

Tony Repa

tel: +48 601 363 283

fax: +48 22 855 5827


Ul. Pulaskiego 24,

Konstancin Jeziorna 05-510

Our activity is to provide full range of services for foreign investors and companies willing to enter Polish market. We have the data base of the investments in almost each region of Poland from the various sectors to offer to the potential investors, we provide all kinds of services to the foreign companies, from the establishment of the office, market analysis, HR, advertising, PR and IT services to any kind of assistance on finding an office space, obtaining the relevant work or resident permits etc.

4 Business Group Sp. z o.o.
Warszawskie Centrum Finansowe
Emilii Plater 53, 11 pi?tro,
00-113 Warszawa
tel: +48 22 528 69 86
mobile: +48 602 254 585

We provide legal services to domestic and foreign business entities and individuals starting, conducting or liquidating businesses in Poland. We specializes in corporate and commercial law, real estate transactions, public procurement and employment law. We have particular experience in advising on construction projects, aviation transport and management of airports.

Notary services are additionally provided by the notary office.

Piotr Polz Law Firm

Sw. Barbary St., 00-686 Warsaw

tel:+48-22-6225470, 6225472



We offer sales service including daily customer contact, and administrating orders in the Polish language. Contact with your company is kept in English and enables smooth information flow. Our team carefully analyses with your company offer, creates best marketing solutions and directly delivers to you the orders from the clients interested in buying your products or services. One of the main advantages of cooperating with us is the avoidance of the ‘competition effect' in comparison with introducing the products by the particular industry distributor.

Market Development Company

ul. Piłsudskiego 28, 58-500 Jelenia Góra, Poland

tel/fax: +48 75 7676 970

mobile: +48 602 499 310

skype: marketdevelopmentcompany,


Accounting Office "RACHMISTRZOWIE" is licensed office and offers a professional service such as:
- finances and bookkeeping on the highest level (ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate)
- backlogs, correction of tax returns
- payroll and human resources
- customized services
The work of the [RACHMISTRZOWIE] accounting office has been appreciated by its cooperating companies, and confirmed with error-free inspections of tax offices and auditors, including a recognized auditing company.  
Be always in the black with [RACHMISTRZOWIE].

Monika Strzelecka
[RACHMISTRZOWIE] Accounting Office
ul. Puławska 5/4  PL-02-515 Warszawa
phone: (00 48 22) 627-41-72
fax: (00 48 22) 849-29-15

PIF helps companies find where to make their money, make more of it faster, and sustain its growth longer. We help make the big decisions on:

 Investment advisory

 Strategy &operational consulting

 Real estate investment


Polish Investment Fund 
Polski Fundusz Inwestycji Sp. z o.o.
ul. Słomińskiego 7/64, 00-204 Warsaw
phone: +48 (0) 22 486 44 05 / 06
fax:     +48 (0) 22 486 44 07

InfoCredit draws up and provides credit reports on companies and financial data bases. In both of the cases the sources of information are: Monitor Polski B (Judicial and Business Journal B), The National Court Registry, information from companies and partners, publications, internet as well as other sources. 

Marcin Gieros
tel. (22) 827 54 86-88,
fax (22) 826 81 84

Niemczyk i Wspólnicy offers a full range of services connected with the investment process, creating a comprehensive and unique combination of services from the sphere of advising, economic information, investigation of the positioning of companies and competition monitoring, strategic analyses and restructuring (economic intelligence, due diligence), training, risk and medial assessment as well as legal servicing.

Henryk Grocholski
Niemczyk i Wspólnicy Sp. z o. o.
Ul. Foksal 3/5, 00-366 Warszawa Poland
Fax. (48 22) 829 80 61


We offer you regional experience and research capabilities in order to provide you with a comprehensive picture of investment opportunity, such as:
Market overview
Partner identification & assessment
Business & Legal assistance
Day to day assistance in all business related matter
Investment opportunities in Poland
We offer similar services in cooperation with our partner company in the Ukraine. 

East West Investments
Modrzewiowa 46 , 05-506 Magdalenka
tel / fax :+48 22 757 96 82


PMR Ltd. is a publishing, consulting and market research company providing information, advice and services to international businesses interested in Central and Eastern Europe. With highly skilled staff, top ranked web sites and over ten years of experience, PMR is one of the largest companies of its type in the region.

PMR Consulting
Supniewskiego 9, 31-527 Krakow
tel. +48 12 618 90 70,
fax. +48 12 618 90 08



Our company specializes in helping companies interested in trading with Poland in many ways: analysis of market, looking for partners (suppliers, subcontractors, distributors, and clients), assistance during staying in Poland (door airport, translation, and hotel reservation), finding products.

InterTrade Sp. z o.o.
Aneta Dąbrowska
Zwierzyniecka 29, 31-105 Kraków
tel/fax: +48-12-4262930,


Economic and marketing consulting, market research and analysis, wholesale on Company's account of selected industrial and food products, retail sales on Company‘s account of selected cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and sanitary products, whole sale commissioner of selected products.

00-695 Warszawa, 50 Nowogrodzka St.

We organize economic missions, join trade partners etc.
We look for partners for cooperation.

Agency of Polish Export Promotion
93-481 Łódź, 2 Emerytalna Al.
tel/fax: +48-42-6403147



Foreign Trade Consulting - Import-export contacts, market research, representation

Foreign Trade Consulting
1 Murarska Str , 31-311 Krakow
tel: +48-12-6266012, fax: +48-12-6379953


Business assistance - interpreters, guides, drivers, contractor information's (law-finances), business meetings, partnership.
Accommodation - hotel, house reservation, relocation

Formalities - law-financial services, help with buy/lease land property, work permissions,

Ul. Mierosławskiego 2G
01-527 Warszawa
tel. 0663636262,
fax: +48 22 839 57 42

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