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Services - offers from Poland

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Services - offers from Poland


Offers from Poland - services



Services / areas of cooperation  Contact

AC SA is a Polish leader and also an important world’s manufacturer of automotive LPG/CNG systems under STAG brand. AC SA has been operating on the Polish automotive market for more than 30 years and currently it has been the largest company in the segment of gas installations in Poland. According to its own estimates, AC SA has more than 50% share in the Polish market.


ul. 42 Pułku Piechoty 50,15-181 Białystok, Poland

tel. +48 85 743 81 00

fax +48 85 653 93 83






IDNECSAN is a dynamically developing company started in 2012, located in the Pomeranian Science & Technology Park in Gdynia.

We provide engineering services for the following sectors:

  • Offshore / Oil & Gas

  • Shipbuilding

  • Heavy Industry


Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98 81-451 Gdynia, Poland

Person contact:

Magdalena Wasilewska – Gawiuk

mobile: +48 509 522 742


Services ensuring reliability and operating safety of machines and equipment




Ecol Sp. z o.o.
ul. Podmiejska 71 A, 44-207 Rybnik ,Poland

tel: +48 32 739 63 75

fax: +48 32 739 18 29



We offer full-cycle Agile-based development. We build iOS, Android, and PhoneGap applications. We offer web RWD, API, and cloud architecture development in PHP, .Net, Ruby, AngularJS, and Python.

We serve 100+ startups and enterprise customers located worldwide, like Deloitte, KIA, ANX, Caliber, MySmartPrice, and Kongsklide.

We have 5 industries focus: Fintech, Automotive, mCommerce, FMCG, and Startups.

In our portfolio, you'll find a native Bitcoin mobile wallet, a mCommerce Android app with over 1 million downloads in the first month and a 5 billion $ automotive corporation sales support iPad application.

Iteo Sp. z o. o.

Barbary 5c/6, 40-053 Katowice, Poland

tel: +48 32 700 38 80



NAVIGO is a trading firm with a truly international reach that operates at the heart of the Polish wholesale food market.
We have over the years gained crucial knowledge of the fast moving food market monitoring dynamic trends in the FMCG industry not only with consumers, clients but European rules and regulations. Due to our very own solid capital base we are able to propose to our clients the very best of the best offers on the wholesale food market.
After analysing market trends and client needs we offer a truly unique bespoke service which we implement individually for each of our partners.
Amongst our clients and trading partners we can indeed proudly announce are some of the biggest players within the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and buyers operating within the food industry.
We invite you to cooperate with us.


Trylińskiego 14/8, 10-638 Olsztyn,Poland

Tel: + 48 89 6120522

Fax: + 48 89 6120522


Our project services are directed to the following fields:

industrial automation


medical devices production

home and boulding automation



We specialise in

embedded systems

high-speed PCB design

analog electronics

wireless systems

ultra-low power devices design

products using FPGA


We provide professional consulting services and project analysis. Thanks to it, our clients can rely on expert advice


Wagonowa 2, 53-609 Wrocaw, Poland

tel: + 48 71 716 4099

fax: + 48 71 716 4153



The Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports - POLBOAT was established on 11 May 2006 in Warsaw. The founding members were hundred business entities conducting activities in the field of production, services, water sports and water tourism.

Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports - POLBOAT is an organization of economic self- associating operators of the production, trade , service, design , scientific research and training in the field of boating industry and water sports.

The main tasks of the Chamber :

- Supporting the development of business in the boating industry and water sports,

- Cooperation in the creation of industry development program marina and water sports in Poland ,

- Integration of the businesses operating in the boating industry and water sports,

- Creation of integrated information systems, economic, technical and trade between the members of the Chamber ,

- Representing and protection the interests of members of the Chamber , in particular, to institutions and national and local government ,

– Giving opinions and participation in the preparation of draft laws concerning boating industry and water sports,

- Promotion of products and services of the Chamber members at home and abroad , including the organization of and participation in fairs and exhibitions and assistance in establishing business contacts with domestic and foreign partners .

- Cooperation and exchange of experience with domestic and foreign chambers of commerce and other organizations in order to make optimum use of the potential production , distribution and service of members of the Chamber ,

- Conducting statistical database boating industry and water sports in Poland ,

conducting research activities and education in the field of statutory objectives of the Chamber ,

- Supporting efforts to develop tourism and water recreation as an important lever of economic development,

- Developing and promoting ethics in business. Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports - POLBOAT is a partner mandatory for the executive and legislative branches. This allows us in a way incomparably more effective work for the interests of the entire industry.


download catalogue

The Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports

Stadion Narodowy
al. ks. J. Poniatowskiego 1,03-901  Warszawa, Poland
tel. + 48 735 45 22 33 



Statistical data analysis - Research has shown that supermarket clients who buy chips also purchase soda drinks. That is the reason for placing them next to each other. Knowledge about such dependences we can obtain thanks to usage of data analysis. Such analysis provides solutions that benefit in costs reduction or increment of quality of offered products or services. It indicates actions that strengthen position of your company at market business analysis -  We specialize in a broad use of statistics in business, in particular data mining, big data and creation decision algorithms. We understand data and business logic, we help to make business decisions supported by mathematical knowledge data science services - Nowadays almost every company generates impressive amounts of data, without even realising what potential they actually have. We can help in understanding the data, create useful reports and use company data to help grow their business ,

R programming - R provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering) and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible. We are using R programming language on daily basics that is why we are familiar not only with key functions but also with less known solutions. In R programming language we offer tutoring, programming and implementation of new methods, statistical consulting -We have strong analytical and theoretical background - all of our data scientist are Wroclaw University of Technology graduates, which is one of the top data science centers in Poland. We can cooperate with different companies in every project that involves statistics, data science and data analysis,



All in Data Urszula Jakubowska

ul. Adama Asnyka 55/7, 62-800 Kalisz

ul. Fabryczna 16H, p. 2.07, 53-609 Wroclaw

tel: + 48 792882788




By uniting youthfulness, many years' experience and solid educational background,
PPprojekt Sp. z o.o. delivers reliable solutions of high quality in road, bridge and industrial construction.  Our team of road, railway and bridge constructors professionals have the experience and the flexibility to work with a variety of methods. We offer many specialized services, including design, construction, technical consulting and project management. Our projects are executed with dedication, using innovative strategies, modern software and advanced computer techniques. We continue to
build our reputation by meeting the most complex needs of our customers.


Ul.Woronicza J/P 78 lok 146, 02-640 Warszawa, POland

tel: +48668695616; + 48601583340;

Email: ;

B+R Studio Furniture Market Analysis

Analyses and reports about furniture market in Poland. Data bases of importers, exporters and furniture manufacturers. Help in looking for business partners and we prepare strategies of export development


B+R Studio Furniture Market Analysis

Słoneczna Street 3, Poland

tel: +48  790 027 920

fax: +48 44 682 44 42


Acuarius Consulting supporting in export activity, marketing analysis


Download company's presentation


Acuarius Consulting Sp. z o.o

Al. Jerozolimskie 133/53, 02-304 Warszawa, Poland

tel: + 48 22 4126548

fax: + 48 22 4126544


VEROLING proudly serves organizations, businesses and individuals in a number of industries, including technical, medical, financial and legal. We are exceptionally comfortable with the marketing-related projects in over 60 languages.

Our key services: - Translation and Localization - Transcreation and Copywriting - Transcription and Subtitling

Fast: automated workflows and adherence to the deadlines.

Reliable: strict confidentiality practices on every stage of the project.

Easy: translating at the speed of your business!

Veroling Sp.zo.o.

25 Wielicka str, 30-552 ,Krakow, Poland
tel.: +48 12 361-31-00


We are a certified recruiting agency, providing a wide range of support services, including selection of officers and personnel, organizing training, travels and other required operational and administrative services.

We are looking for contacts with shipping and marine companies, which are interested in employment of Polish officers and personnel.



UL. POLSKA 13A , 81-339 GDYNIA

Tel: + 48 58 621 57 10




Our translation company Fabryka Tłumaczeń was built on over 15 years of experience in the translation industry and excellent relations with a large group of translators. Fabryka Tłumaczeń is a team of reliable translators, proofreaders, verifying pecialists, industry experts and customer relations staff. We provide language support in pproximately 50 languages. We translate for both Polish and foreign entities.

Our offer includes ordinary and certified written translations as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. We provide translation services for international conferences, meetings and trade fairs in Poland and abroad. The range of specialisation of our translations is vast and includes among others technical, financial, legal, accounting, and marketing translations. Fabryka Tłumaczeń is a flexible translation agency with a high workload capacity, whose services are tailored to each client’s specific quirements. We will select the optimum time of delivery of the service according to your needs, while retaining the excellent quality of translation.

We are looking forward to working with you.


Fabryka Tłumaczeń

ul. Wawrzyniaka 36A, 53-022 Wrocław,Poland

te;: +48 71 788 28 22




Contact person:

Barbara Słowińska

Junior Sales Specialist

tel: +48 71 390 45 02


BIG IDEA PROMOTIONS Agency developes and comprehensively implements innovative, creative concepts and strategies dedicated to promotional campaigns, public relations, place marketing and creates social campaigns for public institutions, regions, cities, NGOs, and companies. BIG IDEA PROMOTIONS is a team of respected experts in the field of planning and implementation of communication strategies.

Download company's profile


ul. Marszałkowska 4 lok 8, 00-590 Warszawa, Poland

Tel: +48  533-483-685


Vistula Enterprise
Limited provides legal consultation services to entrepreneurs who are
considering Poland for relocation or expansion. If a matter is important to
your business we can assist in your operations in Poland as well. We offer you many resources when starting a
business in Poland and we provide a unique service covering multiple legal
disciplines, including analysis of: jurisdiction comparison, European economic
law, business environment and regulatory compliance costs in Poland.  Whether you are thinking of exporting to
Poland for the first time or you are just interested in a basic checklist of
steps to start your own small business or in finding out about various
statewide or local incentives to relocating your established business to
Poland, we can help.


Vistula Enterprise


Zone IT provides the highest quality services and IT resources for the technology projects implemented in the Europe. We are able to offer and deliver the most appropriate solutions.

Our cost-effective and flexible business model allows easy adaptation of proposed solutions to the needs and scale of the Client.

We take challenges both within the nearshore and offshore software development model based on the needs of the project.

We assume full responsibility for the key technological issues, ensuring the highest level of quality and commercial grade standards.

For more information, check our website:

Paulina Gawlicka/Magdalena Skorek

International Business Development

Dembowskiego 59/5, 51-670 Wrocław, Poland;

Head Office: Braniborska 44, 53-680 Wrocław, Poland

tel: +48 71 727 68 01,+48 71 727 68 02

fax:+48 71 796 44 24 


COUNSELOR is a company which offers services for foreigners who plan to relocate to Poland and to foreign investors who would like to start business activities in Poland. We offer:
- Help while personal and business allocation to Poland
(also opening new business in Poland),

- Establishing business in Poland
(opening LTD company, self-employment, partnership, join stock company),
- Preparing all legal documents, contratcs in a way accepted by Polish legal system,
- Real estate services (buying / renting houses and apartment, office space, especially in Warsaw and Krakow where we have our agents),
- HR services for new companies,
- Getting all necessary permissions for stay and work in Poland,
- Translation services (including sworn translations of official documents).

Our company is a group of professionals who will help you to make your life and business in Poland easy and without any administration problems. We
represent our clients in contacts with Polish administration.


Magdalena Ayoade
general manager

tel: +48 501 764 351



We are creative interactive agency with international reach.  Our mission is professional advice and implementation of marketing strategy that helps in developing the business. We conduct marketing campaigns which are adjusted to customer's expectations. Our campaigns include the specific of the industry, business objectives and budget capacity. We specialize in Public Relations, content marketing, web design,
dedicated software, e-commerce and events design. We advise the boards of management in solving the crisis situations. The companies which have trusted
us succeed in international markets- they have positive image and many customers.


ul. Niciarniania 2/6, 92-208 Łódź , Poland

tel : + 48 533 990 255

fax: + 48 422 031 356


VeroLing offers
translation and linguistic services
in most of the Central and Eastern European languages. We are constantly
developing a highly reputable international agency oriented only on quality
translations with the shortest turnaround. Our main goal is to ensure
strong Quality Assurance processes and due to the team of highly qualified
translation experts we are absolutely sure about every word we translate. At
VeroLing you can easily translate texts of different complexity in such
industries as business, technology, medicine, advertising or manufacturing. 

VeroLing Translation Agency

ul. Wielicka 25/302, 30-552, Kraków, Poland

tel: +48 (12) 361-31-00

tel: +48 881-471-200

OSTC Foreign Exchange offers a complete foreign exchange
management facility. We establish very quickly exactly what your foreign
exchange exposure is and how your business works. This enables us to offer you
a premium service, help to manage your currency exposure as well as provide you
with the best possible spreads.
OSTC Foreign Exchange

Ul. Emilii Plater 28, 00-688 Warsaw, Poland
tel: +48 22 201 97 19 ext. 0024 or 0025

fax: +48 22 630 32 71



Kancelaria Adwokacka Jarosław Czech is ndependent law firm, founded in 2010, based in Warsaw, Poland. Kancelaria Adwokacka Jarosław Czech provides innovative, professional legal advice to foreign and national Clients, both entrepreneurs and individuals, in particular in the following areas: commercial contracts, ommercial law, corporate law, real estate and spatial development, energy, litigation and arbitration, labour
law. Kancelaria Adwokacka Jarosław Czech has an excellent reputation for its reliability,
experience and efficiency. Kancelaria Adwokacka Jarosław Czech cooperates with tax advisers, chartered accountants, patent attorneys, notaries and consultants on European Union funds.

Kancelaria Adwokacka Jarosław Czech  

ul. Obrońców Tobruku 31 C lok. 109 ,01-494 Warszawa ,Poland

tel. +48 507097 003 

fax: +48 221001 393


Neovis company works with clients in Poland and abroad. We are happy to help you  design,  deliver and install your fence from start to finish. We can maintain the highest production quality whilst at the same time keeping delivery times short and offering exceptional value for money. We use  high-quality materials, which resist all  weather conditions. Also available in our range are galvanized products (the process of galvanization prevents rusting). The varnish coating we use contains polyester components which make our products weather-proof. We provide our services for
individuals as well as various companies. We make sure each client is dealt with individually and is fully satisfied. All of our products are under warranty for a minimum Of 5 years.

The following types of fences can be found in our offer:

palisade fencing
pale fencing
wire-net fencing

panel fencing
woven-wire fences (forests)


NEOVIS sp. z o.o.
Ul. Młyńska 14, 86-200 Chełmno,Poland
tel: + 48 534 000 102

The company is the designer and the general contractor of industry investments, mainly production and warehouse buildings.
W.P.I.P. also runs the Design Office employing experienced architects, constructors, business line experts, and technologists.

Download company's profile

Wielkopolskie Przedsiębiorstwo Inżynierii Przemysłowej
ul. abpa A. Baraniaka 96/98,61-245 Poznań,Poland

tel: +48 61 875 76 05
fax: +48 61 876 07 99


Glocal Partner is efficient and dynamic developing company which finds business opportunities for its demanding customers from all lines of business. Our goal is to cooperate and build our customer's success. Their success is a measure of our success and their good is our aim. We achieve that by international representing our customers and providing flexible flow of information and goods. Business relations establishing' easiness combined with high quality project management creates field to meet and manage all customers expectations. We offer: Sourcing for new business partners; suppliers and receivers

Searching for business partners all around the world for Polish companies

Representing customer business in Poland

Handling customer's partners relations

Counseling by starting business activities in Poland

Support by negotiations with customers partners

Optimal supply chain designing

Handling with quality complains from customer's partners

Wide range of office services; handling business correspondence, translations, supervising services - operational work



Stary Imielnik 15a

95-010 Strykow Poland



Phone: +48 501 084 836

iPS Control is a leading engineering company in Poland, providing a full service investment projects for industry. Capital and through networking and collaborative work with the leaders of the economy iPS Control provides the most advanced technological solutions.

Partnerships, Knowledge, Flexibility and close co-operation with customers has been the basis of our business for the last 12 years. Knowledge and experience evidenced by certificates.

Range of operation:

FACTORIES AND MANUFACTURING PLANTS of complete factories and production centers from the stage "green field" plants to finished "turn-key" according to his own ideas and preferences.
PROCESS LINES for the various sectors of industries.
EXCERPTS OF THE LINE AND PROCESS EQUIPMENT process machinery and equipment designed to optimize and increase the efficiency of the production process.
MODERNIZATION of whole plants and individual process line for increasing production capacity, productivity, and improve production safety.

iPS Control 

Lindego str 6,

60-573 Poznan,

tel.: + 48 61 840 80 25-27,

fax: + 48 61 843 01 87

Jodda Jacek 

M +48 783 101 083


We act as an effective agent in commercial mediations between firms in Poland and abroad.

Our experts assist in building a positive company image, advise on investments and help building franchise chains. We actively help investors enter into business relations with international entrepreneurs. Using the knowledge and experience gained by experts on diverse fields of business, on behalf of our client we carry out market research, indicate and contact suitable business partners or institutions, as well as check their credibility. For the clients, we provide oral and written translation.

We are professional and effective at every step.



Ul. Powstańców 19,

40-039 Katowice, Poland

tel +48 661 546 004, +48 509 531 759

fax 0048 32 785 80 56


Radkiewicz Kancelaria is the Law firm, whose mission is to provide to its clients with  complex legal services at the highest level, particularly in the following fields: corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, project finance, tax, customs and foreign exchange law, litigation, labour and social insurance law, intellectual property, protection of personal data, competition and consumer law, real estate, public procurement, European Union law, restructuring, bankruptcy law, new technologies, telecommunications, media law and environmental protection.

Download full offer.

Radkiewicz Kancelaria                                                                                                              
ul. Domaniewska 39 a (Horizon Plaza), 02-672 Warszawa, Poland 
tel. +48 791 191 591

EuroMove is a company with many years of experience in worldwide and local moving of household goods effects. Our company provides services in "door-to-door" system to any place of the world.

Thanks to our own means of transport and highly qualified employees, we are able to ensure total control on each stage of the service we provide.

We are able to offer you many solutions, which shall make your move as short and pleasant as possible.

Euro Move

ul. Kineskopowa 1, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland

tel. +48 22 716-55-66

fax +48 22 716-55-67

mobile: +48 668 303 445


group of Comtrans 

Our company is a potential partner in printing company materials.

We are able to provide whole range of services including design, print and transport of materials directly to your company or branches and each of these elements except of transport can be provided separately. As we are situated in Poland the price of our product can compete and in most of the cases win, and we can assure that the quality of the product will stand the highest standards.

K.M. System S.C.

Jacek Michalski

43-600 Jaworzno,ul. Przechodnia 5, Poland
tel. +48 32 751 56 50
kom. +48 728 470 750

 The main task of VENTURES as a technology management company is:

- technology transfer, in particular working out chemical processes development, reconstruction and modification, production development programs

- preparation of inquires on behalf of investors, full scale comparison of offers, advising those investors on selecting technologies and suppliers,

- advising in international trade of technologies and investments.

Download company's profile and key personnel's CV.


Dembowskiego 14/58, 02-784 Warsaw, Poland

tel. +48 22 254 5057, tel/fax: +48 22 641 7282,  +48 22 641 2938


Ericpol's professionals:

software developers software architects analysts software designers testers trouble-shooters technical writers project managers trainers

are dedicated and on hand to assist you.

Ericpol Telecom provides high quality outsourcing services. The company has a great portfolio of the successful software design & development projects. Additionally, Ericpol delivers advanced test services including inspections, analysis and test.

Ericpol's professionals:

  • software developers
  • software architects
  • analysts
  • software designers
  • testers
  • trouble shooters
  • technical writers
  • project managers
  • trainers

are dedicated and on hand to assist you.

Ericpol Telecom Sp. z o.o.

Andrzej Suski

Pion Rozwoju Biznesu

Ul. Chałubińskiego 8

00-613 Warszawa

Tel. +48 695 120 165


Production of polar fleece garments is characterized by high degree of diversification. We give our customers almost unlimited possibilities to choose order parameters. We can offer you many individual forms of sweatshirts and vests, we can also make a product according to your own design.

PPHU JOAND is ready to meet any new production challenge in such areas as sewing services. Contact us if you are interested in any form of cooperation with our company and for further information on our offer.


ul. Traktorowa 82/54, 91-130 Łódź

tel: 0048 042 712-58-81

fax: 0048 042 712-58-81


We are specializing  in foreign services contracts for sewing ladies' ready-to-wear clothes for   the very esteemed marks in the world and so well-known designers how: Gérard Darel, Modee, Tara Jarmon, Créton, Bleu Blanc Rouge, Irene Van Ryb, Bensimon, April 77, Birma, Andres, Fee G, Michel Ambers, Robinson, Regine, Sonja Marohn, Slimma, TSH, 7:AM  and another. We are opened on varied proposals of co-operation in so called FASHION - the creative and dynamic field what doubtless.

Polgan, Grażyna Nowicka                                                                                                                Irena Struniec

tel.:  + 48 42 674 70 77

fax:  + 48 42 674 37 27

mob: +48 602 37 16 80

skype: irena.struniec

20.000 sq m of A-class storage and production space for lease

Special Economic Zone - tax exemptions available

The facility is located by the A4 motorway

3 km from the transport node in Bielany Wrocławskie

15 km from the city centre of Wrocław.

AGENCJA ROZWOJU PRZEMYSŁU S.A. w Warszawie, Oddział we Wrocławiu

ul. Wita Stwosza 15, 50-136 Wrocław

tel. +48 (71) 797 24 70, fax +48 (71) 797 24 80

e-mail: ,

Dolnośląskie Zakłady Metalurgiczne "Dozamet" Sp. z o.o. offers:

foundry machinery and equipment (mixers, fettling plants, foundry moulding machine, fluidized-bed drier-coolers for moulding sands, welded and cast moulding boxes, pallet cars for moulding machines and automatic moulding lines, pneumatic shot-blasting machines, core shooters, sack filters and dust extractors, pushing machines and a lot of others),

spares for foundry machines and equipment, moulding stations

other equipment and parts based on a Customer's documentation, tubbing rings

Additional offer:

Machining, welding, rolling, cutting out, annealing, pattern equipment, assembly works, pattern equipment from metal, risen and wood, constructions and technical documentation

tool services, repair services.

Dolnośląskie Zakłady Metalurgiczne "Dozamet" Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 40

67-100 Nowa Sól

tel. - exchange: 0048 68 387 02 01

fax: 0048 68 387 28 92;

tel./fax. 0048 68 356 43 28 - Sales Department

tel./fax. 0048 68 387 22 35 - Foundry


ARAJ activity

The company's activity is focused on developing storage and drying systems, especially large industrial-scale projects. Our customers include farms, grain trading companies, industrial plants such as oil and fat production plants, grain mills, feed production plants as well as bio-fuel production companies.

The company is engaged not only in manufacturing equipment but also in designing and implementing state-of-the-art technologies for grain storage and drying. Our specialist staff of process engineers and designers is open to innovative solutions, making a reliable partner for our Customers by meeting their highest expectations.

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Wdrożeniowe "ARAJ" sp. z o.o.

ul. Mireckiego 30, 55-080 Kąty Wrocławskie

tel. +48 (71) 39-13-100, 39-13-102

fax +48 (71) 39-13-101

We offer the best quality in services of production and assembly.

EKA-Production Sp. z o.o. ZPChr.
ul. Gen. Wl. Sikorskiego 17, Klaudyn
05-080 Izabelin
tel. +48-22-752-91-72
tel.kom. +48-608-428-375

Spearhead Incorporated offers a wide range of solutions concerning:

  • Public safety
  • Security for mass events (sports games/concerts)
  • Security for public buildings (stores/cinemas/theatres)
  • Transport security (airports/railway stations/logistics centres)
  • Territorial security (national borders/prisons)
  • Security for companies (preventing industrial espionage)
  • Personal security (personal protection of VIPs)

Krzysztof Boruc

Bonifacego Str. 89 #143

02-945 Warsaw Poland

Tel/fax. +48 22 842 22 11

Mobile: +48 607 490 892


Web :

Wilshire Holding is specialized in the following logistical services which are constantly provided to the customers:

  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Complete offerings of warehouse handling
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Full transportation and distribution services
  • Complete customs services


Wilshire Holding Sp. z o.o.

05-870 Błonie, Pass 21, Poland

Phone (+48 22) 731 11 92

Mobile: +48 691 956 207

Fax (+48 22) 731 10 34

GWARANT GROUP  can cooperate and produce for you diesel engines, generating sets, crankshafts for 1- to 6-cylinder engines, camshafts 1- to 6-cylinder engines, gears with straight and helical teeth, ring gears, flywheels and pulleys, iron and aluminium housings, complete connecting rods with the distance of small and big end centrelines 150 to 300 mm, various components i.e. ( ).

We can produce also steel, iron, aluminium castings, mechanical treatment,  part of machines for different branch of industry, lathes and turning centres, cylinders and paper rollstubbings, fittings, forgings, conveyors.


ul. Fabryczna 15, 40-611 Katowice

Zuzanna Chociłowska, Financial Advisor

An Artist - Conservator of the works of Arts
A UNESCO Scholar offers a cooperation in the areas

of the Fine Arts & of the Conservation, of the Preservation,

of the Restoration of the Works of Arts & Cultural Heritage Property

Renata Nalepa, M.A.
Tel: (+48 12) 645 40 59

Rent a car and Peugeot Dealer


F.H. SZTUKOWSKI-BIS sp. z o.o.

Autoryzowany Dealer Peugeot

Ul. Wrocławska 27,62-800 Kalisz-Poland

Tel. (0048) 502 036 346


We are interested in cooperation.

Scope of activity:

1. Design and construction of machines.

2. Manufacture of machines and parts.

3. Precision assembling of parts and machines


34-600 Limanowa

Tel. +48 607 565665


IT systems
IT consulting

DS Software Sp. Z o.o.
02-512 Warszawa, Puławska 14 St

Dental services
We offer comprehensive dental services, from conservative therapy, through esthetic dentistry and dental surgery, to implant treatment. We treat patients of all ages. Our youngest are two years old and the oldest more than ninety. You are most welcome to join our centre.

Silesian Centre for Dental Implantology
44-200 Rybnik, ul. 3-go Maja 7
Tel: +48-32-4238800

CNC/CAD/CAM machining!
REMSOD is operating in the area of production of metal parts, devices and spare parts. We offer sub-contract services in our workshop facilities, equipped with machine tools for machining and plastic and heat processing. We render services on the CNC numeric centres in the scope of producing forms, tools, die blocks, components and spare parts directly on the CAD base.

REMSOD Sp. Z o.o.
Ul. Fabryczna 4, 88-101 Inowrocław
Tel: +48-52-3541818, 3441568
fax: +48-52-3541752,

Logistic centre
Our Gliwice logistic centre gives the possibility of production, assembling, cooperation with foreign companies not registered in Poland, unlimited time of storage of goods (no custom bonds during storage).

Silesian Logistic Centre Join Stock Co.
28 Portowa St, 44-100 Gliwice
Tel: +48-32-3018402, +48-32-3018451/2
Fax: +48-32-3018405 ,  

 internal and external

Key Company Sp. Z o.o.
4 Usługowa St., 15-522 Białystok
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Granulating of barley malt - services

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Cooperation - representation, warehouse

PPHU "Food-Mark"

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PUH Starkpol

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Etykieciarki do butelek

    Etykieciarki przemysłowe – inwestycja, która się opłaca Aplikat...
Polska - Toruń 2021-11-27 Added:Helan Paczek Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services See offer

Katalogi stron

Link building – taktyka pozyskiwania linków Żeby osiągnąć jak największą widzialn...
Polska - Toruń 2021-11-27 Added:Helan Paczek Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services See offer


Jak wybielić zęby? Dentysta Toruń Wybielanie zębów to jeden z napopularnieszych zabi...
Polska - Toruń 2021-11-27 Added:Helan Paczek Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services See offer

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