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Oferty izraelskich firm usługowych

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Our firm provides a range of services in Israel, including accounting services, bookkeeping, payroll services, tax consulting, auditing, representative of foreign companies, etc.

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Our firm provides a range of services in Israel, including accounting services, bookkeeping, payroll services, tax consulting, auditing, representative of foreign companies, etc.

We have the ability to provide services for potential clients who would prefer to outsource their mentioned above (one or more) services to a local subcontractor in Israel.

Our firm provides services as mentioned above to many Israeli companies and for several clients overseas that have a local activity in Israel.

We are aware of the formal requirements locally in Israel and therefore any information you will need, we will be able to provide.


Lazar & Barshaf, C.P.A is an accountant firm, the office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

We give advisory by using expert accountant knowledge.


We provide many other services beside "Compensation structuring and stock options.".

LazaBarshaf,C.P.A (Israel)

55 Hamasger st. TTel Aviv, Israel

Tel: 972 77-5-120-170

Fax: 972 77-5-120-171

Email: Matan@Lbcpa.co.il



"Universal Trade Center Israel - UTCI helping you find the best quality of goods and services in Israel at the best prices .


Universal Trade Center Israel

mob: 972 52 3357050

tel: 972 77 4450 870

fax: 972 77 4450 871

email: amnon@utci.co.il

web: www.utci.co.il

Into Marketing

The company serves as a coordinator, facilitator and guide to Israeli companies abroad such as the IAI (Israel Aviation Industry), RAFAEL, Tadiran Communications, and other companies dealing in electronic fences ( parameter security ) , cosmetics , food industries , water tech, textile , cosmetics , and companies from abroad in their connections with Israeli companies.

The company's topics of interest include among others, security intelligence and protection systems, marketing fruits and vegetables abroad, technology for the treatment of water and more.

Guy Issaki

Into Marketing

Tel/fax : 972 * 777502642

Mobile : 972 * 547762642

Skype: guyissaki

E-mail : Guy@in-to-marketing.com

Web : http://www.in-to-marketing.com/

Knebel Elkayam & Co. Law offices, located in Tel-Aviv gather under one roof experience (of over 20 years) accumulated in the fields of Isreali civil-commercial law, including the initiation of projects and the establishment of new companies, various investment and loan agreements, funding financial escort agreements, company and the capital market laws, and the field of real-estate.Legal representation on behalf of our offices is made in other private-commercial entities as well as in different governmental institutes, among which are the Israeli courts, Israel Securities Authority, Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, municipal authorities, building and planning committees, Israel Land Administration, real-estate taxation authorities, government offices and officials, etc.Our law office has extensive experience in working with Polish entities, as we are familiar with basic Polish law and Polish business environment, in which we have been deeply involved in the last 10 years. Knebel Elkayam & co, Law OfficesSonol Tower, 52 Menachem Begin st, Tel Aviv tel. +972-3-6393330fax: +972-3-6393360e-mail: elroy@llb-law.com
Eta Financials specializes in economic and business advising services.The Israeli-based partnership specializes in representing overseas and investment houses which are interested in promoting business ties in Israel. Eta Financialswww.etafinancials.com/e-mail:info@etafinancials.com